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A New Chapter

The inHouse-Engineer service began in 2004 and has evolved to its present form today where I offer on-site or off-site professional engineering services.

So, what is it all about? Here's a brief story.

Back in 2004, I was travelling long distances for assignments in South Australia. It was then that I thought of offering an alternative professional engineering service to many rural Councils in South Australia that wasn't available to them. That service?

In-house engineering on a casual or part-time basis.

I've always been a rural-based professional engineer, and in my time as a consultant I realised there was a gap in the delivery of appropriate services to the regions.

The concept I developed and offered back then was a flop!

I sent aninvitationto 24 rural Councilsto consider my offer of service. There was just a single reply, and that was a thankyou letter saying they would keep me in mind. Nothing came of it.

This process was instructive. I realised back then that rural South Australia was (and perhaps still is) a difficult area for a sole-operator professional engineer to break into. My focus was on local government, and I knew that many Councils used Adelaide-based consultants. Perhaps what I was offering wasn't in their sights. Maybe I was ahead of my time. Maybe I wasn't a good fit for any of those organisations.

Some years later, two Councils accepted the offer of in-house consulting for specific projects in waste management. One of these also used the service for a road/rail crossing re-design project. They saved money in the process. So, there was still hope.

Having worked in local government engineering in South Australia and Victoria for more than 10 years, and provided services to many local Councils as a self-employed consultant (see Councils, Government, & Organisations), I have had the opportunity to see that improvements can be made to any organisation, no matter how well it seems to be functioning. On other occasions I have formed the view that changes needed to be made to achieve effective and sustainable infrastructure, services, and results for various communities.

As with life, an organisation is constantly exposed to change. If that change is not assessed and embraced quickly, then the seeds of future problems will be sown.

And that is why the services of inHouse-Engineerstill exist.

I will travel anywhere in Australia for short-term and longer-term assignments.

If you're interested, please go to the Contact form for details.